A free online arcade game, where players control a goldfish who can fly by unconventional means 100+ levels
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Apr 1, 2007. Fart Fart Game: See how many times you can fart without getting caught Fart Fart Game is a free online flash game (with high scores). Try to squeeze out as many farts as you. can without the guy beside you noticing. Purchase Fart from Amazon. com's Toys & Games Store Today! We have Fart by Outset Media and millions of other toys and games for the whole family Hide the Fart Online Flash. Game by KJH / Head Map Dec 8, 2012 TRY NOT TO FART! (STRANGE ASS GAMES) - YouTube Subscribe 205,298. Top Comments AJBAXTER7677 2 months ago. 4:48 What in. the  Play free fart games online here at FreeGameStart com Cut the cheese - discreetly. Wait for the cars to make noise then you can make yours ;) Fart Blaster is a funny Skill Game The aim of the game is to fart without getting caught You do this by hiding your farting noises. amongst the normal sounds of  In Fart Control, you are sitting at a bus stop, and the objective of the game. is to keep yourself from exploding by releasing farts when cars go by. This will mask 

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Home; > Girls; > Kissing games; > Secret Fart More games; Last played. Popular; Newest; Score Peeking 2047 x played 9 1; Office Kisses 1346 x 

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Jan 19, 2009 This is what happens when you eat too much beans Dec 12, 2012 An obvious hack of the Korean-made "Hide the Fart" game How could I resist? x Add a Comment: Preview. Submit Comment Load All Images

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Make fart sounds. at will. :). Video Games Pictures · Flash Games · Magic/ Illusions · Sound Boards · Animations. Keywords: Search Type: Videos, Flash 

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Feb 27, 2013. anthonok The First Stealth Game About Farting and thinks it's Old about 6. months ago ×; jakes10 The First Stealth Game About Farting and 

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Burp Bump Rump Ramp Damp. Dame Dare Dart Fart. Apr 1, 2011. Fart!! also includes a Fart Meter and Fart Points My only niggling issue here is the lack of Game Center integration, as the fart-sim enthusiast in 

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Jun 4, 2013 In South Park: The Stick of Truth, you play as the fart-powered. Fart and more farts! Turn your Nokia into a fart. machine and have fun fooling your friends. Features a wide range. of funny farts Use the timer. to

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Youve got some major gas, and nowhere to let it out You and wasabi just dont mix Can you be discreet with your stinkers?

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Not all farts are stinky it really depends on your diet Keep an eye on what your party with your own customized critter! check out the most popular games > 

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The one who shakes the phone the most will be elected as "Fart Mega Man"! ? The fart game: Collect points by quickly touching the right butts Pay attention to 

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fart_button. swf (humor) — and many other anime, humor and game flashes in one site! Holagrimola: The Insane Fart-botton :-D (March 13, 2011, 7:53 pm) 

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Jun 23, 2009 In his latest opinion piece, feisty Reset Generation/Pocket Kingdom co-creator Scott Foe explains, via circuitous means, why saying 'games 

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Mar 20, 2013 The Fart Game I need to stay away from. the Chinese food buffet. The one “ problem” with having a healthy diet is that when you eat crap, bad 

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Jun 19, 2013 Peter Molyneux is a game design icon. With his former studios Bullfrog and Lionhead, he invented and refined the God-game genre with works 

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Jul 31, 2013 In Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, Alana Thompson creates a farting game that involves getting beat up before an opponent touches the nearest 

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hello heres a game i made this afternoon for a 4 year old to play its based on fish farts, an android. game, but in 3d and with birds not the best 

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Fart your way through sixteen levels lush landscape, exotic locations and err the sewers! Fart Man is full of a flamable gas known as Methane. Game over.

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This one is sooo crazy :) You must fart secretly at the the bus stop where you are waiting for the bus. When a car drives by you must make. the biggest fart ever by 

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Buy Fart Proudly by Ben Franklin. By MrGoodbeer's 7th Great at colonblow com Find fun fart merchandise at CyBeerMall com. Play more fun games here!

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The Fart Card Game is a hysterical, fast and flatulent card game that includes a. sensational sound-effects CD! Race to discard all your cards while you 

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Cut the cheese discreetly! Press the space bar when the cars come from left to right, the longer you hold it down, the higher you score Press the left arrow key if  

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Hide The Fart - Discretely let farts loose without letting the people around you realize what you're really doing!

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Funny online games - Here is. a funny game, Hide the Fart. Try and cover up your loud farts when cars go past Don't let anyone hear you. or you will get busted

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Fart Machine create your own farts. using this online fart machine. The fart machine is operated by using your. mouse to turn the dials and push the buttons.

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Play Fart control Flash. Game at xHamster. com! xHamster is the biggest sex tube and free flash games archive!

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May 7, 2009 Mandy and Ashleigh are laying around. in pantyhose and start farting Soon they are trying. to fart on each other

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